About the LICHTER Filmfest

LICHTER, “Lights”, is the young film festival for Frankfurt and the Rhein-Main-Region.

“LICHTER wants to start a tradition, ignite the public’s curiosity for the filmmaking in their region, and bring together a community of filmmakers and viewers.” That was the guiding idea for a group of mid-twen and -thirties’ filmmakers, producers and artists who started this film festival at the end of 2007; and the result, LICHTER’s premiere in March 2008, was a big hit!

After its debut in the ATELIER¬FRANKFURT, a fin-de-siècle office building now transformed into studios, offices and galleries for young artists and designers, the festival moved to an inner-city movie theater for its second edition in 2009. In the Turm Palast the festival takes place in three cinemas.

LICHTER’s film program consists of two elements: The competition of the area’s cinematographic highlights and an international section featuring films from Frankfurt’s partner cities and regions. In 2010 this section will feature a cinematographic portrait of Italy’s Emilia-Romagna, including classics and new productions premiering in Frankfurt. This section also features an evening with Jean-Marie and Arnaud Larrieu from Hessen’s French partner Aquitaine who present their new feature “Les derniers jours du monde” starring Matthieu Amalric. Short films from Lyon, Budapest and Toronto complete the international line-up.

Besides the cinemas, the core of LICHTER is the festival kitchen, an unconventional kind of restaurant located right above the cinema, where each night of the festival a crew of culinary aficionados cooks original, authentic and affordable menus. During the LICHTER festival a different group of filmmakers and producers is asked each night to propose their favorite dishes to the festival’s visitors. The festival kitchen thus offers an open space for personal, artistic and culinary encounters throughout the festival, attracting a public that reaches far beyond the circle of actual cinéphiles. In 2009 almost 5.000 guests enjoyed the LICHTER’s unique atmosphere. And many of them also enjoyed the almost legendary parties featuring well-known DJs and musicians.

And LICHTER provides for even more locations to show moving images: a “Salon des refuses” for productions not included in the official program; an exhibition space for video art; and the “underground” bar pitching drinks and rare and obscure treasures from Frankfurt’s audiovisual heritage contribute to LICHTER’s particular appeal.

On the basis of the festival which brings together the public and the industry’s professionals, LICHTER has become an important meeting-point for the city’s manifold creative industry; an event where established professionals and young talents can meet up to realize fresh ideas.  The evergrowing database and network of LICHTER is accessible to anyone interested in the Rhein-Main production setting the path for the local potential to unfold in a variety of alliances all over the world.