The Festival’s theme “Chaos” is examined closely in the accompanying LICHTER programme in cooperation with the Frankfurt Cluster of Excellence Normative Orders (EXC)

How to Film Nothing

Thursday, 5th of April 2018 // 21:15 o’clock // Naxoshalle

Lecture with director Boris Mitić

An inspiring overview on the creative and technical production-related challenges that the development of In Praise of Nothing (International Programme CHAOS) brought about.

Starting as a global project in the bankrupt Serbia, the film is a rhetoric provocation of an autodidact filmmaker as well as a creative process running over 8 years in which 20.000 pages of eclectic bibliography were distilled into childlike verse – to the surprise of the author, narrated by Iggy Pop and musically supported by the cabaret-grandmasters of the Tiger Lillies, furnished with “documentary material of Nothing” filmed in 70 countries by 62 filmmakers – stars and novices alike that at first had free reign, but soon received precise instructions from the director, discussed together in a unique, tailored anonymous online-brainstorming platform.

To this end we are serving “Nothing’s favorite homemade schnapps”. Don’t miss it!

Let Chaos reign?

Friday, 6th of April 2018 // 19 o’clock // Foyer 1st floor Deutsches Filmmuseum

Lectures and Discussions.

In cooperation with the Cluster of Excellence Normative Orders of the Goethe University Frankfurt, we will have a closer discursive look on Chaos on Festivalfriday. Jacob Lillemose, curator of X AND BEYOND in Copenhagen will have a look at catastrophes in film in his lecture The End is Not the End. Post-apocalyptic Imaginaries in Contemporary Movies, Followed by a talk with Peer Illner (EXC) on Lillemoos’ observations. In Tohuwabohu 2.0, Matthias C. Kettemann (EXC) tries to uncover chaos on the internet, while Marcus Döller (EXC) follows the aesthetic idea of the chaotic shapelessness in Chaos in die Ordnung bringen. Following this, they all test their ideas for compatibility and fruitfulness in a moderated talk.

Host: Stefanie Plappert (DIF).

Donald Trump, The Actor

Saturday, 07th April 2018 // 8 p.m. // Mal Seh'n Kino

Donald Trump, the 45th president of the USA, has performed in 25 film and TV productions since 1981, once even winning the Golden Raspberry Award for worst male supporting role. Trump mostly played himself in the form of small Cameo performances. In doing so, he has earned an image which makes him nearly invulnerable today. Urs Spörri hazards a scholarly film analysis, accompanied by numerous film excerpts. He is convinced that this lecture can make the Trump mystery – and maybe also can find out, why so many people voted for this man. 

The analysis will be held in German.

 About The Speaker:

Urs Spörri studied film studies, journalism, and political science – he has been pursuing the history of US presidential election campaigns intensively for 20 years. It is thus not surprising that his interest in the extraordinary candidate Trump was soon awakened. During his numerous months of research, he constantly came across films in which Trump had acted.