26. ‐ 31.03.2019

LICHTER Competition Categories

…and the Bembel goes to…

Regional Feature-Length Film Award of Dr. Marschner Foundation

This contest duly celebrates the versatile film culture of Rhine-Main region. This year, the audience is in for an exciting mixture: the themes range from gentrification, criminal rent-insanity in Frankfurt´s north and the electoral campaign in North Rhine Westphalia to life in American wasteland.

This selection offers something for everybody – and there is tension: Who will be the one taking the “Bembel” and the 3.000€ home this year. 

LICHTER Short Film Award

Telling a story within a short period of time, whereas some would take about 90 minutes, is true art. As we LICHTERs treasure this kind of film making, we have once again compiled a top-class program of regional short films this year.

The best regional short film will win the “Bembel” and 1,000€ in prize money, a space in the program “Kurz und Hessisch”, the film tour through the country – in cooperation with Film- und Kinobüro Hessen. 

BINDING Audience Awards

What would LICHTER film festival be without its wonderful audience? We´d rather not even think about it. For that reason, the award that is awarded by you is a must: you can help your favourite film to 2,000€ and a crate of beer. Each film that is not older than two years and has not been screened in German cinema or TV so far, can be in competition. Stride to the ballot boxes and vote wisely – in your hands you have the responsibility for the future of 24 bottles of bear. 

LICHTER VR Storytelling Award

By the third time, it has become a tradition. After two years of success and amazement, our jury received a record-breaking amount of 90 virtual reality films. VR is alive! Within the finale of the third LICHTER VR Storytelling Award five films compete for an original Frankfurt “Bembel” and 1,000€ absolutely non-virtual prize money. 


In its ninth year already, a first-class jury awards the LICHTER Art Award to contemporary international cinematic and video art. Altogether five of the 120 works that have been submitted compete for the “Bembel” and 1,000€ of prize money. 

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