10.05. ‐ 15.05.2022

LICHTER Competition Categories

…and the Bembel goes to…

Dr. Marschner Foundation Regional Feature Film Award

This contest duly celebrates the versatile film culture of the Rhine-Main region. This selection offers something for everybody – and it will be exciting: Who will be the one taking the “Bembel” and the 3.000€ home this year? 

LICHTER Regional Short Film Award

Telling a story within a short period of time, whereas some would take about 90 minutes, is true art. As we LICHTERs treasure this kind of film making, we have once again compiled a top-class program of regional short films this year. The best regional short film will win the “Bembel” and 1,000€ in prize money and a slot in the program “Kurz und Hessisch”, the film tour through the country – in cooperation with Film- und Kinobüro Hessen


In its tenth year already, a first-class jury awards the LICHTER Art Award to contemporary international cinematic and video art. Altogether, five of the 160 works that have been submitted from around the world compete for the “Bembel” and 1,000€ of prize money. Please note: In order to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the LICHTER Art Award, the works of the five nominated artists were supposed be shown from April 3rd to April 26th, 2020 in a curated exhibition on the premises of our cooperation partner basis e.V.. The exhibition is postponed. Further information will follow.

LICHTER VR Storytelling Award

VR is alive! In the finale of the fourth LICHTER VR Storytelling Award, five films compete for an original Frankfurt “Bembel” and 1,000€ of absolutely non-virtual prize money.