Welcoming Speeches

Angela Dorn, Hessian Minister for Science and Art

Dear team, 

Dear visitors of the LICHTER Filmfestival, 

In current times, hosting a film festival is no easy task. Festivals thrive on exchange, on the fact that people are amazed by unusual films on the big screen. On discussions with filmmakers and among the audience. The LICHTER Filmfestival has always paid special attention to this aspect. An essential part of this has always been the very special places in the city and the region that LICHTER has selected and conquered for the cinema. 

That is why I am very optimistic that LICHTER will also be able to master this new challenge: digital space as a new off-space - who would be better at mastering this?  

As well as one may be able to use a digital space, it ought to become clear with this edition that it will never be able to replace the magic of cinema. Based on this realisation, the congress on the future of German cinema, which has been postponed to a later date in the year, has an even greater role to play: Developing new approaches from the experience of how much we miss the cinema as to how it can play its role even better in the future, how it can enlighten us all with new, daring, entertaining and challenging films in the cinema. 

I wish you an exciting festival! 

Angela Dorn

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© Jürgen Bauer

Dr. Ina Hartwig, Head of the Department of Culture and Science of the City of Frankfurt/Main

Dear friends of the LICHTER Filmfest Frankfurt International,

in times like these, culture has the important socio-political role of making events and structures visible and working on them, as well as promoting human exchange. Film and its festivals are ideally suited to this purpose. The cultural relevance of the Frankfurt film festivals is increasing steadily. I am therefore very pleased that this year's LICHTER Filmfest will take place on the Internet at least, despite the serious restrictions on public life caused by the Corona pandemic. The 20 films available on the Festival Scope streaming platform, which highlight a wide range of topics and problems - this year with a focus on "Power" in the International Programme - make the significance of film for society particularly visible. Frankfurt is an open and international city and will remain so even after the Corona crisis. It is nice that this diversity is reflected by an international film festival, which will certainly also contribute to adding a colourful touch to everyone's stay-at-home experience. 

LICHTER's philosophy has always been to get involved in politics. From the very beginning, this has included the support of young filmmakers from Hessen. Two years ago, the festival positioned itself with regard to film policy by organising the congress "Zukunft Deutscher Film" and co-developing the resulting "Frankfurt Positions". This autumn, the second congress on the perspectives of German film will take place, which is now expanding its scope to include the European perspective. The time between the online festival and the congress will be accompanied by the new LICHTER podcast on the current situation of German film, which will also deal with the consequences of the pandemic for the cinema scene. I congratulate the festival organizers on this initiative and am already looking forward to the results of the talks and the conference. 

I wish you all a lot of fun and valuable experiences during this special 13th edition of the LICHTER Filmfest.


Your Dr. Ina Hartwig

Oliver Schwebel, Managing Director of Wirtschaftsförderung Frankfurt am Main

Dear LICHTER Festival team, dear LICHTER film fans

I am extremely pleased that Filmfest Frankfurt International is taking place in a digital edition despite Corona in these difficult times. The Frankfurt film festival "LICHTER-on-Demand" will thus be the very first German film festival to be held exclusively on the internet in an online version!

For this particularly challenging task I keep my fingers crossed for the LICHTER team and wish them good luck with streaming the films and reports via podcasts.

I wish the entire LICHTER-on-Demand festival great films and contributions, many viewers and much success.


Oliver Schwebel

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