00 Schneider- Im Wendekreis der Eidechse

Helge Schneider

Despite a looming midlife crisis, detective 00 Schneider is a busy man in Mülheim on the Ruhr, the capital of crime. 00 Schneider - equal parts noir detective, Bond, and Tatort detective [Tatort = German TV crime series] – catches perverts und chases the most unpredictable of all the bad guys, "Die Eidechse" [the lizard], the brutal reptile, which is played by Rocko Schamoni. However, in his private live, a few things are amiss: Schneider's dog and faithful lodger Zorro is gone and suddenly, “Aunt Tyree” (Tyree Glenn) from the USA is knocking on the door, even though he doesn’t have any aunt. Nearly a third of all the production costs of “00 Schneider – Im Wendekreis der Eidechse” were financed through Hessian funds. By the way, the music is pretty good too!

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27. March 2014

10:00 h, Mal Seh'n Kino

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Regie Helge Schneider
Country 1
Year D 2013
Category Extra Regional
Duration 96 min
Language Original German Version
Produktion Ulf Israel, Manfred Wenzel, Helge Sasse
Cast Helge Schneider, Peter Thoms, Tyree Glenn Jr., Rocko Schamoni
Camera Voxi hogweed
Script Helge Schneider
Schnitt Andrea Schumacher

Presented by:

Out of Competition

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