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Min Kyu-Dong

Jung-In is pretty, sexy, caring and will do anything for her husband. However, after seven years of marriage, Doo-Hyun can no longer endure her endless nagging. When a job with his company in a distant province becomes available, he sees his chance. But Jung-In wants to be with him and follows him secretly. Fearing her anger and nagging, Doo-Hyun cannot tell her that he wants a divorce. When he sees his new neighbour the casanova Sung-Gi being followed by a throng of infatuated women, he forges the plan to get Jung-In be seduced, in order for her to leave him. All about my wife is the Korean look at the genre of romantic comedy. Min Kyu-Dong works with contrasting characters, which he lovingly lets collide with each other in his plot. The game with emotional extremes inevitably provides lots of fun. "ticket pre order":http://www.adticket.de/Lichter-Filmfestival-Shop.html?id=1432&format=raw&view=host&searchname=all+about&searchlocation=&start_date=&end_date=

28. March 2014

10:00 h, Metropolis 7

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Regie Min Kyu-Dong
Country 13
Year KOR 2012
Category Internationales Programm Humor
Duration 121 min
Language Korean with English subtitles
Produktion Park Joon-Ho, Min Jin-Soo, Lee Yoo-Jin
Cast Im Soo-Jung, Lee Sun-Kyun, Ryu Seung-Ryong
Camera Kim Dong-Young
Script Heo Sung Hye, Min Kyu-Dong

German Premiere
International Program Humour