Carlo, keep Swingin´

Elizabeth Ok

Frankfurt: Metropolis of banks and city of vertical superlatives. However, anyone thinking only of the glittering downtown skyscrapers forgets that verticals continue underneath the ground and there, open up other rooms, spaces, that have more to say than merely talk about filthy lucre and capital bonds. Elizabeth Ok’s movie Carlo, Keep Swingin' tells of such a space, a space of creative freedom, resistance and especially jazz. In the 1940s, the musician and theorist Carlo Bohländer founded the Hot Club in a Frankfurt cellar and thereby establishes, as one of the first to do so, jazz in Germany. After the end of World War II, international and national stars such as Albert Mangelsdorff or Dizzy Gillespie appeared at the Domicile du Jazz (later known as Jazzkeller). Carlo, Keep Swingin' is a musician’s biography and an exciting contemporary document combined in one, whilst being as entertaining as possibly only the best documentaries can achieve. *_IN THE PRESENCE OF DIRECTOR ELIZABETH OK._* "*BUY TICKET NOW >>*": *_Following the screening, we transform the Cantate-Saal into the "Domicile du Jazz" with the concert CARLO, KEEP SWINGIN’ LIVE_* "*FURTHER INFORMATION ABOUT THE CONCERT*": *TICKETS* "*_ONLY CONCERT >>_*": "*_COMBI-TICKET (MOVIE + CONCERT) >>_*":

18. March 2015

20:00 h, Volksbühne im Großen Hirschgraben

More information Lichter FilmfestLichter Filmfest

Regie Elizabeth Ok
Country 1
Year D 2014
Category Regionaler Langfilmwettbewerb
Duration 83 min
Language German original version
Produktion Elizabeth Ok
Cast Anita Bohländer, Paul Kuhn, Bill Ramsey u.a.
Camera Stefan Neueck und Stefan Wachner
Script Elizabeth Ok
Schnitt Susann Maria Hempel

Presented by:

Germany Premiere
Competition Regional Programme

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