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In My Room

Ulrich Köhler

In the presence of the director Ulrich Köhler.

The pictures he captures with his camera embody the monotony of his everyday life: diffuse, without any significance, and in crucial moments they fall short of their potential. Being unsuccessful in his job as well as his love life, Armin sees his life flashing before his eyes. He is not happy at all, yet his lethargy paralyses him. So he rather bears the situation than changing it. But over night, his environment changes drastically. Waking up in the morning, he finds himself in a deserted world. A new beginning is now inevitable, and while nature reconquers its place, Armin still has to find his. Over the years he adapts: he builds a house, sows and harvests, hunts and raises cattle. Suddenly, a woman, Kirsi, appears – and loneliness becomes togetherness. But how does one behave knowing to be the only people on the planet? 

Marburg director Ulrich Köhler makes the dystopia of being the last survivor appear almost promising; being a hermit becomes a liberation. The film In My Room, supported by Hessenfilm und Medien, premiered at Festival de Cannes and depicts what many people seem to desire: Freedom and, in a way, going back to nature.

30. March 2019

15:00 h, naxos.Kino im Theater Willy Praml

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Regie Ulrich Köhler
Year D/I 2018
Category Extra Regional
Duration 120 min
Language german original language
Produktion Claudia Steffen, Christoph Friedel
Cast Hans Löw, Elena Radonicich u.a.
Camera Patrick Orth
Script Ulrich Köhler
Schnitt Laura Lauzemis
Sound Johannes Grehl

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Extra Regional