In the Darkroom

Nadav Schirman

During the 70s and 80s he kept the world in suspense: Ilich Ramírez Sánchez, code name Carlos, also known as "The Jackal," made responsible for numerous terror attacks since 1973 and emprisoned since 1994. In his documentary, Nadav Schirman draws a portrait of the notorious terrorist’s German ex-wife, Magdalena Kopp. Next to densely assembled archive material and interviews with members of the family, contemporary witnesses and companions – especially from Kopp’s time in Frankfurt – the photographer and former supporter of the Revolutionary Cells makes an appearance herself. In calm, perfectly composed shots Schirman creates space for her to explore her conscience and to search for explanations in her memories. _In the Darkroom_ was co-financed through the Hessische Filmförderung and was partially shot at the former Turmpalast in Frankfurt. Produced by Stephan Limbach – co-founder of the LICHTER Filmfest – and producer legend Karl Baumgatner (Pandora Film), the movie about an eventful life is as disturbing and enthralling as a thriller. _*Director Nadav Schirman and producer Stephan Limbach will be present-*_

29. March 2014

06:00 h, Metropolis 11

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Regie Nadav Schirman
Country 18
Year D/ISR/FIN 2012
Category Regionaler Langfilmwettbewerb
Duration 88 min
Produktion Karl Baumgartner, Stephan Limbach / Koproduktion: Pandora Film Produktion
Camera Tuomo Hutri
Schnitt Joelle Alexis

Presented by:

Competition Regional Programme

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