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LICHTER Art Award – Special Screening


To celebrate the 10th LICHTER Filmfest we will be presenting a *special screening* showing works from all last 6th edition winners and selected works from some of the jury members since 2010. Winner: *Luciana Lamothe* (AR, 2011), *Oliver Husain* (D/CAN, 2012), *John Skoog* (S/D, 2013), *Bertrand Flanet* (F/D, 2014), *Jonathan van Essche* (B, 2015) and *James N. Kienitz Wilkins* (USA, 2016); Jury: *Judith Hopf* ( 2011), *Mike Bouchet* (2012), *Simon Starling* (2013) and *Mathilde ter Heijne* (2017)

01. April 2017

16:00 h, naxos.Kino im Theater Willy Praml

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