Rick Ostermann

Ten years after having seen each other last, Felix and his father rope down from a hot-air balloon to a lonely river valley. An adventurous vacation is supposed to bring them closer again. While the father is enjoying the time together, the son stays silent: for many years, he has felt left alone and now he can neither hide nor forget it. Soon, the 16-year old is giving his feelings free reign – it isn’t only about the past anymore, but about surviving in the wilderness…

Lysis is an experiment – no film camera, no classic screenplay, but only three GoPro cameras and two actors. Its documentary elements are also due to the actors receiving only minimal scenic directions: the audience always sees exactly what the characters see.

Lysis, which was creatively supported by Hessischer Rundfunk, debuted in 2018 in Tallinn at the Black Nights Film Festival. A german audience finally got to view at the film festival Max-Ophüls-Preis in Saarbrücken. Lysis, after Krieg (2017) and Wolfskinder (2012), is Rick Ostermann’s third feature film and was shot in only ten days in the mountains of Tirol.

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Regie Rick Ostermann
Year D 2018
Category Regionaler Langfilmwettbewerb
Duration 92 min
Language German language
Produktion Stefan Sporbert, Rüdiger Heinze, Rick Ostermann
Cast Oliver Masucci, Louis Hofmann
Camera Oliver Masucci, Louis Hofmann
Script Rick Ostermann
Schnitt Julia Dupuis, Barbara Gies
Sound Marcus Vetter, Björn Wiese
Musik Patrick Christensen

Hessian premiere
Regionaler Langfilmwettbewerb

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