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Nuestro tiempo (Our Time)

Carlos Reygadas

In the presence of Eduardo Ruiz Mazón (Deputy consul of Mexico in Frankfurt)

Located in a vast, seemingly endless scenery, the daily business of Ester's and Juan's family consists of the utilisation and domination of nature. Life on the ranch is not easy: bulls do not willingly bow to human order. Furthermore, the emotions and impulses of the humans themselves tend to break the traditional ways of family life and marriage. The young American Phil, who is a guest at the Ranch, starts having a passionate affair with Ester, which ultimately endangers her open marriage. Little by little, secretly entertained prejudices and stereotypes begin to surface. Not only the relationship between man and woman is questioned, but also the one between white farmers and their employees and the one between man and nature.

With Nuestro tiempo, Carlos Reygadas paints a breathtaking picture of a decaying social class, which took its own order for granted for a long time.

"What emerges from this cinematic experiment in auto-fiction is a soul-searching work of scorching honesty that functions both as an anatomy of love and marriage, and as an evisceration of masculinity." Giovanni Marchini Camia, Sight and Sound

30. March 2019

16:00 h, Kino des DFF - Deutsches Filminstitut & Filmmuseum

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Regie Carlos Reygadas
Year MEX, F, D, DK, SE 2018
Category Internationales Programm Natur
Duration 173 min
Language original with English subtitles
Produktion Jaime Romandía, Mantarraya Producciones and others
Cast Carlos Reygadas, Natalia López, Eleazar Reygadas, Rut Reygadas, Phil Burgers u.a.
Camera Diego García
Script Carlos Reygadas
Schnitt Carlos Reygadas
Sound Raúl Locatelli

Presented by:

German premiere
International Program Nature