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Regional Short Films 2018 // II

Tobi Sauer, Boris Seewald, Karolin Twiddy, u.a.

Portrait Jonas Mekas (Feat. Marta Minujín, Irena Haiduk)

Director: Tobi Sauer

(Documentary/Experimental Film, D 2017, Duration: 03:01 Min.)

 Film director and writer Jonas Mekas tells of his time as a "displaced person" after 1945 in Kassel at documenta 14 - a time when he could buy books with cigarettes.


Director: Boris Seewald

(Experimental Film, D 2017, Duration: 09:46 Min.) 

A room paved with stamps, a microphone and a woman with something to say. About the world around them, about themselves in this world and their way of preparing noodles. 

Manly Mountain of Men 

Director: Karolin Twiddy

(Animation Film, D 2017, Duration: 03:40 Min.)

The "manly mountain of men" have come to seduce. Gracefully their abstract bodies move in time with the music, dressed in nothing but their best hauler.


Der Amerikanische Traum 

Director: Maren Luedecke

(Animation Film, D 2016, Duration: 02 Min.) 

Highway, cars, Tumbleweed. The wasteland and the American dream. Two minutes in the land of opportunity. Surprise effect included. 


Director: Lucie Friederike Mueller

(Experimental Film, D 2017, Duration: 02 Min.)

Experimental instructional video on the correct use of firearms. No firearms at all. Safety first! 


Director: Daniel Rübesam 

(Feature Film, D 2017, Duration: 14 Min.)

Humanity is almost extinct. A group of resistance fighters set out in search of Pandora, a higher being who could change the course of events. Post-apocalyptic zombie scenario.

Der Tod ist voll in Ordnung 

Director: Theresa Worm

(Feature Film, D 2017, Duration: 14 Min.) 

An involuntary interview with an unusual job offer. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to reveal which position is to be filled. If you refuse: There are enough applications - even if those affected do not yet know anything about them.


Director: Jannik Gensler

(Feature Film, D 2018, Duration: 02:21 Min.)

Show civil courage, stand by others, regardless of possible consequences: When a woman notices a girl being dragged into the car by a man, she confronts him without hesitation.

Spargelkönigin Nadine II. beim Umzug in Kirchheimbolanden 

Director: Yasar Honneth

(Reality, D 2017, Duration: 01 Min.)

WYSIWYG in colour, in Ferrari and with music. 


Director: Jonatan Schwenk

(Animation Film, D 2017, Duration: 10 Min.) 

What happens when living together – despite the prevailing distress – is marked by hatred and intolerance is impressively made clear by Jonathan Schwenk in his dark animated film. 


Director: Heiko Arendt

(Experimental Film, D 2017, Duration: 04:53 Min.)

Frankfurt Central Station then and now - a collage of clattering trains and people coming, going and lingering.


Director: Daniel von Bothmer 

(Animation Film, D 2017, Duration: 04 Min.) 

Otherwise at MoMA all year round and here today: The photzy bee - most probably the most popular work of art. If you don't know her, it's your lack of education.

07. April 2018

22:00 h, naxos.Kino im Theater Willy Praml

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Regie Tobi Sauer, Boris Seewald, Karolin Twiddy, u.a.
Year D 2017
Category Regionaler Kurzfilmwettbewerb
Language German OV
Produktion Various
Cast Various
Camera Various
Script Various
Schnitt Various
Sound Various
Musik Various

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