The other Chelsea

Jakob Preuss

The events in Ukraine have been preoccupying us for several months now. In central Europe, a country is under the threat of being torn apart with potentially devastating consequences. Jakob Preuss has created a portrait of the city of Donetsk in his film The Other Chelsea about four years ago, a city which lies in the rather more Russian-influenced east of the country. His patient investigation departs from the football club Shakhtar Donetsk, which was mollycoddled by the oligarchs Achmatow to become a top European club using his millions. In addition to the stadium and the residential blocks of the rich, he encounters economic and cultural lack of prospects and a complete rejection of the "orange revolution," similar to the predecessor of today's revolution. The Grimme-award-winning film closely follows people, but also explains the political background as well. Thus, it provides an important key to understanding the situation in Ukraine in the spring of 2014. *IN THE PRESENCE OF THE DIRECTOR JACOB PREUSS, LICHTER FEATURE FILM JUROR 2014. FOLLOWED BY A DISCUSSION ABOUT THE SITUATION IN UKRAINE.* "Ticket presale":

29. March 2014

04:00 h, Metropolis 3

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Regie Jakob Preuss
Country 1
Year D 2010
Category Extra Regional
Duration 87 min
Language German/Russian, subtitled
Produktion Stefan Kloos
Camera Eugen Schlegel, Pavel Kazantsev, Roman Yelensky, Maxim Kuphal-Potapenko, Philipp Gromov, Felix Korfmann
Script Jakob Preuss

Contribution of LICHTER feature film juror Jakob Preuss
Out of Competition

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