The United States of Hoodoo

Oliver Hardt

What do the Hessischer Filmfond and the Frankfurt production company Stoked Film have to do with shamans and the preparation of okra? And who was Robert Johnson? An Offenbach nightclub owner? If you want to investigate these questions, you should meet Darius James. He is an American by birth, writer, and has spent a lot of time abroad, most recently in Berlin. When his father dies, he returns to New York and, along with a box with his father's ashes, he has inherited some masks, which cover an entire wall. He finds a home, which is similar to a mausoleum. From Brooklyn, via New Orleans to Seattle and Chicago, a camera team follows his journey on the trail of the Hoodoo rituals. Art, literature, lots of jazz and hypnotic drum rhythms accompany his personal departure, which becomes an encounter with American, Af-rican and Indian culture. If the effects of this culture can be felt all the way to the Kaiserlei, it is really no surprise that the Frankfurt film scene is paying attention. _With the producer Robert Malzahn in attendance._

24. March 2013

15:45 h, Metropolis 11

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Regie Oliver Hardt
Country 1
Year D 2012
Category Extra Regional
Duration 100 min
Language Engl. OmdU
Produktion Christel Brunn, Oliver Hardt, Robert Malzahn, Sebastian Popp, Stoked Film in Koproduktion mit tvt .film+vfx und signature films,
in Koproduktion mit ZDF in Zusammenarbeit mit ARTE
Camera Harald Schmuck
Script Darius James, Oliver Hardt

Out of Competition

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