Guillaume Brac

Maxime is a reasonably successful musician, who returns for a creative break to his hometown of Tonnerre. A young female reporter from the local newspaper interviews him - an encounter with consequences. From the romantic love affair of the two a destructive passion develops. The director Guillaume Brac tells with great force in his first feature film of a love that will not end where it should have ended - against the backdrop of the beautiful, but ultimately desolate French countryside. TONNERRE represents, in a manner of speaking, the flipside of French comedies in this year's programme: the discomfort of the protagonist does not provoke laughter, but reverts to desperate love. Vincent Macaigne in the title role stands out as one of the great French acting talents, who contributes to this refreshing new wave of French cinema like no other. _"Brac has crafted an involving character study, with characters that resonate like real people“ Jordan Mintzer, The Hollywood Reporter_ "ticket pre order":

27. March 2014

06:00 h, Metropolis 2

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Regie Guillaume Brac
Country 2
Year F 2013
Category Extra Regional
Duration 110 min
Language French original with English subtitles
Produktion Alice Girard
Cast Vincent Macaigne, Solène Rigot, Bernard Ménez, Jonas Bloquet
Camera Tom Harari
Script Guillaume Brac, Hélène Ruault
Schnitt Damien Maestraggi

Presented by:

German Premiere
Out of Competition

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