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Christian Petzold

Not only the Frankfurt-based author Jan Seghers alias Mathias Altenburg will be delighted: a template by Anna Seghers as a Hybrid film. Hybrid film? The ingenious idea of director Christian Petzold: Present-day’s city of Marseille provides the setting. And a story of flight from the Nazi era morphs into today. The most beautiful radio film scene is also here to admire: Georg repairs the broken radio of ten-year-old Driss. Pensively, he intones a melody, which was sung to him as a child as a lullaby... Magical!

Transit manages to create a link between flight histories from more than 70 years ago and today. Especially for fans of Eric Rohmer’s films. With the two shooting stars of the Berlinale, Paula Beer (currently also to be seen in Bad Banks) and Franz Rogowski.

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Regie Christian Petzold
Year GER 2018
Category Zukunft Deutscher Film
Duration 104 min
Language German/French language with German subtitles
Produktion Florian Koerner von Gustorf, Michael Weber, Schramm-Film/arte/ZDF
Cast Franz Rogowski, Paula Beer, Matthias Brandt, Barbara Bauer, Maryam Zaree, Sebastian Hulk, u.a.
Camera Hans Fromm
Script Christian Petzold
Schnitt Bettina Böhler
Musik Stefan Will

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Hessian premiere
Future German Cinema