Aleksandar Radan

*_“In between identities”_* is a successful experiment. This film leads us into the world of a well-known computer game and subverts any expectations. Instead of action, there is a ghostly quest for identity in the virtual city of L.A. in store for us. Empty rooms, floating avatars, and identical character masks. Where and who are we actually in this world? *_In the presence of director Aleksandar Radan_* *In the category Triple Feature I we will show 3 selected films in unconventional formats: “Opa,” “Vier danach,” and “In between Identities.”*

*_Regional short film competition_*

31. March 2016

18:00 h, Mousonturm // Studio 1

More information Lichter FilmfestLichter Filmfest

Regie Aleksandar Radan
Year D 2015
Category Regionaler Langfilmwettbewerb
Duration 8:50 min
Language German OV

Competition Regional Programme

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