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Two Lovers

James Gray

Leonard is fed up with life. Disappointed with all the depressed thirty-something he tries to drown himself. After failing miserably, he decides to move in with his parents again, who promptly have the solution for Leonard’s mental anguish: Sandra, the daughter of a friend. Leonard likes her and her open and down-to-earth way. But when he meets his neighbor Michelle shortly afterwards, he falls in love at first sight. He gets closer to her but must recognize that the flighty Michelle desperately clings to her affair with a married man. Torn between the two women, Leonard is soon enough on the brink again. The third collaboration between James Gray and Joaquin Phoenix is a sensitive portrait of a ménage-à-trois, a tribute to classics ranging from Lubitsch to Hitchcock and a gentle declaration of love for the picturesque New York. _Festivals a.o.:_ _- Cannes_ _- AFI Film Festival_ _- London Film Festival_

23. March 2013

20:00 h, Metropolis 12

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Regie James Gray
Country 8
Year USA 2008
Duration 106 min
Language Engl.
Produktion Donna Gigliotti, Anthony Katagas
Cast Joaquín Phoenix, Gwyneth Paltrow, Vinessa Shaw, Isabella Rossellini
Camera Joaquín Baca-Asay
Script James Gray, Ric Menello

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