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Rosa von Praunheim

Four women find themselves in an opulently furnished Berlin apartment, all admirable, attractive, and with moving life stories – for example a lesbian crime reporter for the legendary Frankfurt Abendpost night edition, a dancer, a converted former fascist. The occasion is the exhibition "The woman of the 1930s," to which the protagonists have contributed exhibits. Between the women lively discussions and dangerous intrigues ensue, which the hostess Lotti Huber arranged to happen. Rosa von Praunheim interweaves fiction and reality into an intriguing portrait of a generation, into an image of German (and Frankfurt) history and into a tribute to four admirable women. In the presence of Rosa von Praunheim _In the Presence of Rosa von Praunheim_ TICKETS AVAILABLE VIA THE DEUTSCHE FILMMUSEM :http://deutsches-filminstitut.de/filmmuseum/kinoprogramm/preisereservierung/

29. March 2014

10:30 h, Kino des DFF - Deutsches Filminstitut & Filmmuseum

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Regie Rosa von Praunheim
Country 1
Year D 1982
Category Hommage an Rosa von Praunheim
Duration 90 min
Language German Version
Produktion Rosa von Praunheim, HR
Cast Lotti Huber, Inka Köhler, Luzi Kryn, Maria Christiana Leven, Madlen Lorei, Helen & Pat Adam, Rosa von Praunheim
Camera Stephan Köster
Script written by the cast, based on an idea by Rosa von Praunheim

Tribute to Rosa von Praunheim