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49 Problems_Regionaler Langfilm

49 Problems (and my future is one)

Maxi Buck

How far should protest go if one’s way of life is threatened? 49 Problems (and my future is one) accompanies the protests against the construction of highway 49 through the Dannenröder forest and the trial against “Ella”. The activist, who wants to remain anonymous, has been accused of endangering a police officer during the eviction.

Filmmaker Maxi Buck and his camera are in the thick of the action, capturing the fight for the preservation of the forest in a poignant way.

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Direction Maxi Buck
Country Germany
Year 2022
Duration 86 min
Language German
Production Maxi Buck
Camera Klaus Sparwasser, Maxi Buck
Script Maxi Buck
Editing Maxi Buck
Sound Maxi Buck, Klaus Sparwasser

Kasseler Dokfest 2022: Nomination for the "Golden Hercules"

The Director About the Film

“My movie about the A49, and the protests surrounding it, begins where other movies end. No movie tangibly deals with the issue of Ella. Ella was arrested during the protests in Dannenröder Forest because she was accused of kicking a special task force officer in the face, on a tree at a height of 15 meters. This story touched and moved me in a special way, and I soon decided that it would be the focus of my movie. Thus my movie ends when Ella’s trial ends.

(Maxi Buck in an interview with hessenschau.de)

In the presence of the director

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