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6 Years, 7 Months, 16 Days - The murders of the NSU

Sobo Swobodnik

Montage: Manuel Stettner

The screening will take place in cooperation with Theater Willy Praml/naxos.Kino

Following: Film talk with filmmaker Sobo Swobodnik (Berlin) and Milena Hildebrand (Scientific Officer for the NSU committee of inquiry DIE LINKE. faction in the Hessian state parliament; moderation: Gerd Becker (naxos.Kino)

6 Years, 7 Months, 16 Days - The murders of the NSU – When the camera returns to the place where, during this timeframe, ten victims of the “National Socialist Underground” were murdered, it is not to look for signs of the perpetrators. Director and author Swobodnik chose visual and musical tools that create space for remembrance. The concentrated visual language accompanies *Swobodnik’s* clever arrangement of read and recorded court records, newspaper articles and statements of relatives in a way that is powerful and bitterly contemplative.. Blind spots which have permeated the investigations for years, are once again painfully enhanced in this pointed emphasis. The exceptional sound pulls us into this brutal part of German history with great vehemence. The documentary goes far beyond the harrowing and at once sobering results of the time of the NSU-terror and creates a space for the ten victims and their families alone.

In 2017, the film won the Documentary-Music Price at the DOk.fest Munich for its sound composition by the musician Elias Gottstein (Berlin).

After screenings at the One World Berlin – Human Rights Film Festival and the Film Festival Regensburg, as well as a nomination for the German Film Critics’ Award 2017, 6 Years, 7 Months, 16 Days - The murders of the NSU is now coming to Lichter.

“This is not a documentary in the usual sense. It’s a filmic essay, strict in form and precisely thought-through, a collage of images and sounds… so, automatically and utterly unagitatedly, the investigators’ most absurd assumptions come to light: the ignorance, the insinuations that lurk in a term like ‘Dönermorde’(kebap-murders), the families’ disbeliefbecause the film simply shows and cites, it is at the same time a form of commemoration of the victims.” – Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung

“A filmic installation – an important piece of work.” – Amnesty Journal

“Another film on this? Yes. Because it indicates the way the victims’ families might feel… towards the end we sense: what we just saw is not a film, but a visual meditation.” – Zeit Online 

„If you commit to the narration of the film, the moments of consternation condense, without Swobodnik drifting off into the speculative or emotional manipulative… 6 Years, 7 Months and 16 Days functions, on many levels, as a conceptual work, which, most of all, is there to ask questions.” – TAZ

PLEASE NOTE! Tickets for this performance can only be reserved via the following e-mail address: reservierung@naxos-kino.org (Prices: 7 EUR regular, 4 EUR discounted)

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Direction Sobo Swobodnik
Year D 2017
Duration 77 min
Language German OV
Production Guerilla Film Koop. Berlin, Sobo Swobodnik
Camera Sobo Swobodnik
Script Sobo Swobodnik
Music Elias Gottstein

Presented by:

Future German Cinema