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A Farewell to Fools

Bogdan Dreyer

To celebrate a birthday on the 13th of a month must certainly bring misfortune, Alex thinks. However, his friend Ipu is pleased that in 1944, for the very first time, his birthday will be celebrated at all. Ever since the French soldier’s life was saved in a Romanian village by its population during the war, he lives a second class life as the village idiot. Ipu has no idea that his first birthday party will also be his last. Near the German-occupied village, the corpse of a German soldier was discovered and the residents are faced with an ultimatum: Either they deliver a murderer until the next day or the ten highest dignitaries are executed. How ludicrous this night of the decision is, becomes all too clear from the perspective of the child Alex. _*Producer Daniel Zuta will be present.*_

29 March 2014

08:00 h,

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Direction Bogdan Dreyer
Year RUM/D/B 2013
Duration 85 min
Language German Version
Production Daniel Zuta et al.
Cast Gérard Depardieu, Harvey Keitel, Bogdan Iancu
Camera Richard Van Oosterhout
Script Anusavan Salamanian

German Premiere