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Ach du Scheisse

Ach du Scheisse! (Holy Shit!)

Lukas Rinker

The real-time thriller straight outta Offenbach is not for the faint of heart! Somewhere between splatter and thriller, with black humour and heaps of stage blood, Lukas Rinkers’ genre film was made. His directorial debut is the result of close collaboration between experienced filmmakers and young up-and-coming talent. The central location is the interior of the infamous Dixi toilet. Architect Frank wakes up covered in blood and locked in one of the blue construction site toilets. The countdown has begun. Frank has 90 minutes to free himself from his prison and – as if that weren’t enough – to free the love of his life, Marie, from the clutches of Mayor Horst. Because then the entire site is to be blown up. Resourceful as MacGyver, Frank leaves no stone unturned to escape the shithouse in time. A film as iconic as the Dixi toilet itself.

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Direction Lukas Rinker
Country Germany
Year 2022
Duration 90 min
Language Original language
Production Tonio Kellner und Jakob Zapf
Cast Thomas Niehaus, Olga von Luckwald, Gedeon Burkhard, Rodney Charles, Friederike Kempter, Björn Meyer, Uke Bosse, Micaela Schäfer
Camera Knut Adass
Script Lukas Rinker
Sound Tobias Schinko
Music Andreas Lucas

Additional infos

HessenFilm supported the debut film Ach du Scheiße by LICHTER-Bembel winner in the category Bester Kurzfilm 2013 Lukas Rinker. The thriller produced by NeoPol was shot basically on our doorstep. In an old warehouse in Offenbach, the cult splatter film was made using a remarkable amount of stage blood. If someone wants to know the exact amount, they are cordially invited to learn more about Ach du Scheiße from Lukas Rinker in our podcast format “8 questions to...”.

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