16.04. ‐ 21.04.2024

Agora – Part II: Seeing, feeling, creating Europe


There are countless ideas of Europe. Time and time again, they revolve around the meanings of periphery and centre, borders and openness and the relationship between them. But how do we move from the knowledge of the advantages of open borders and markets and a diffuse sense of commonality to the concrete? How can we create Europe where it does not yet exist? And how can we continue to work on the common ground of Europe?We are convinced that culture can contribute to democracy and freedom. Or does it all remain just a diffuse feeling?In the open format of the Agora, there are no limits to the interdisciplinary dialogue between scientists, practitioners and the public. Parts I and II merge into one another.

With: Roger Behrens, Ayşe Polat, Pauline Rönneberg, Stavroula Geronimaki, Arne Birkenstock, Sabine Rollberg

Moderation: RP Kahl

18 April 2024

12:30 h, Festivalzentrum (Plenum)

More information Lichter FilmfestLichter Filmfest

Duration 60 min

Panel in German and English with live translation

Congress Future German Cinema