16.04. ‐ 21.04.2024

AI: Hollywood Goes on Strike – Europe Remains Silent


What will happen to screenwriters, actors, directors and producers if AI tools can soon develop entire scripts and automate them into a film or series? This is what the US film industry's labour dispute was about. How could the European film scene react to this? That's what this panel will be about.

Because if tools such as the AI tool "Sora" are further developed and used effectively, the question arises: do we still need real, human actors when there are AI protagonists who have a similar aptitude for glamour and fame? Do we even need a film and creative industry if AI can create worlds that other people find appealing - so appealing that they pay money for them?

With: Uri Aviv, Nira Bozkurt, Kazimierz Suwała, Bill Anderson

19 April 2024

10:00 h, Festivalzentrum (Plenum)

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Duration 90 min

Panel in Englisch

Congress Future German Cinema