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All Shall Be Well

All Shall Be Well (Cóng jīn yǐhòu)

Ray Yeung

Angie and Pat are an elderly lesbian couple. They live together in Hongkong, accepted by their families, and share plans and dreams for the future. But everything changes when Pat unexpectedly passes away after a family celebration.

While Pat’s family takes care of Angie at first, gaps in their relationship soon start to surface during the funeral arrangements. Angie insists on respecting Pat’s wishes but they ignore her. She is excluded from the discussions about the heritage since there is no testament present. Additionally, Angie is in danger of losing the shared apartment because only Pat’s name is on the certificate. Angie tries to talk to the family of her deceased partner. She quickly realizes that the alleged acceptance of the family has ended with Pat’s death. Supported by her friends, Angie decides to fight for herself and Pat’s wishes. 

All Shall Be Well celebrated its world premiere at the 74th Berlinale and won the Teddy Award for the best queer feature film.

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Direction Ray Yeung
Country Hong Kong, China
Year 2024
Duration 93 min
Language Cantonese with English subtitles
Production Michael J. Werner, Teresa Kwong, Sandy Yip, Chowee Leow
Cast Patra Au Ga Man, Maggie Li Lin Lin, Tai Bo, Leung Chung Hang, Fish Liew Chi Yu
Camera Leung Ming Kai
Script Ray Yeung
Editing William Chang Suk Ping, Lai Kwun Tung
Sound Tu Duu Chih, Chiang Yi Chen
Music Veronica Lee

BERLINALE: Teddy Award 2024

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About the director

Ray Yeung returns to Hongkong after his school education and Law studies in London to dedicate himself to the local cultural scene. Hence, he worked in television, wrote plays, and made short films. He revived the Hong Kong Lesbian and Gay Film festival in 2000. His debut feature film Cut Sleeve Boys is a comedy about two homosexual Chinese-British men. All Shall Be Well is his fourth feature film.

Press reviews

“Beautifully written and performed [...], ‘All Shall Be Well’ illustrates Yeung’s keen eye for the nuances of social dynamics, especially regarding matters of wealth and class that many may prefer to skirt around when it comes to family.” (IndieWire)

“In a world where the rights and legitimacy of LGBT couples are constantly questioned and under scrutiny, All Shall Be Well is a very timely film that reminds us of how these questions and legislation affect real people in their daily lives, despite only seeming theoretical at times.” (Loud and Clear Reviews)

“A heartwarming and heartbreaking drama about family dynamics, grief and moving on from loss. Superbly acted and told, All Shall Be Well is one of the highlights of Berlinale’s Panorama.” (The Hollywood News)

The director about the film

“I hope that this movie [...] will stir up the conversations and hopefully push for the issue (of same sex marriage in Hong Kong) forward.” Ray Yeung


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