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Giorgi Abashishvili

*_FOLLOWING TALK IN PRESENCE OF DIRECTOR GIORGI ABASHISHVILI_* Sunrise. Breathe in. Somewhere in a small Georgian mountain village, Giorgi makes his way to school: for a moment he pauses - a little chat with the sun. A few seconds that change lives, not just his. Inspired by the works of the Georgian writer *NODAR DUMBADZE*, the director from Kassel *GIORGI ABASHISHVILI *captures the diversity of life in atmospheric poetic images and creates deceleration in hectic times. In nine episodes from Georgia and Germany, he notes what seems barely tangible: tragedy and comedy, grief and joy, surprise and hope, love and curiosity, death. There is the painter’s apprentice, who would rather be a poet. The grandfather who loses his grandson in the city. There are the priest and the policeman who break free from their duties for a brief moment. The parents of a terminally ill child in search of hope. The mourning man and the couple in love. And there is Grandfather Guduli, who has a chat with the sun for a last time. Exhale. Who we are? Humans! Supported by the *HESSISCHE FILMFÖRDERUNG*.

1 April 2017

17:30 h,

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Direction Giorgi Abashishvili
Year D/GEO 2016
Duration 72 min
Language German/Georgian OV with English subs.
Production Jörn Möllenkamp, Giorgi Abashishvili
Cast Kakhi Kavasadze, Tamar Skhirtladze, Sven Walser, Thomas Werrlich, Carlo Ghirardelli, Aurelio Ghirardelli, Grisha Zitaishvili u. a.
Camera Bakar Sharashenidze, Levan Dabrundashvili, Gega Chantladze, Jörn Möllenkamp, Sunyam Riegger, Behrooz Karamizade
Script Miriam Steen, Behrooz Karamizade, Giorgi Abashishvili

German premiere