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Am Himmel der Tag

Pola Beck

Lara’s pregnancy - result of an ecstasy fuelled night – quickly evolves from a reluctantly accepted fate to the center of her life. Her studies and partying with her best friend Nora no longer satisfy her and so she is hit all the harder by the still birth she suffers in the sixth month of her pregnancy. Pola Beck’s debut, partially filmed in Wiesbaden and supported by the Hessischen Filmförderung (Hessen Film Fund), convinces not only by the touching portrayal of its lead actress Aylin Tezel who received an award for Best Actress at the 30th Torino Film Festival in 2012, but also by the fact that it never tilts into clichés or the melodramatic, despite the heavy subject matter. _In presence of the director Pola Beck and the producer Iris Sommerlatte._

23 March 2013

18:00 h,

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Direction Pola Beck
Country Germany
Year D 2012
Duration 89 min
Language deutsche OV
Production Iris Sommerlatte, Ali Saghri
Cast Aylin Tezel, 
Henrike von Kuick, Tómas Lemarquis, Godehard Giese
, Marion Mitterhammer
, Lutz Blochberger
Camera Juan G. Samiento
Script Burkhardt Wunderlich

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