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Anhedonia – Narzissmus als Narkose

Patrick Siegfried Zimmer

_“The year is 2020. Every day, all over the world, millions of people fall victim to the digital, medial, narcissistic, hedonistic, careerist, self-exploitative, masochistic, egomaniacal and consumption-oriented overstimulation and suggestion by the establishment. Out of still unknown reasons, millions of citizens of the first world suddenly and epidemically contract Anhedonia, the inability to feel joy, pleasure and satisfaction.”_ Sounds familiar? In *Patrick Siegfried Zimmer’ s* film, especially Franz suffers from the new widespread disease, which prompts his brother Friedrich to admit him to the mental hospital of the enigmatic Prof. Dr. Immanuel Young _(Tocotronic frontman *Dirk von Lowtzow* can be heard as a voice from above)_. *_Anhedonia_* is a surreal trip full of quotes, false bottoms and breaches of the fourth wall. Is all of this really happening? Are we in a dream or after all ‘ only’ in a film? Everything can happen here; from spontaneous teleportation to a *Blixa Bargeld* who repeatedly interrupts the action with pointed monologues to the sidelines (s.o.). *Blixa Bargeld*, the intellectual pop culture icon, assumes a leading role as Diabolus. Since 1980, he is frontman and founding member of the *“Einstürzenden Neubauten”*, as well as guitarist with *“Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds”* (1984-2003). *Bargeld* is also busy in the film scene; together with *Nick Cave*, he delivered the soundtrack for two films by Australian director *John Hillcoat* *_(The Road)_* and was also responsible for the screams and sounds of the mummy in the film of the same name. _*The screening will be attended by the director, Patrick Siegfried Zimmer, and the actors Matthias Scheuring and Robert Stadlober.*_

2 April 2016

22:00 h,

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Direction Patrick Siegfried Zimmer
Year D 2015
Duration 78 min
Language German OV
Production Klaus Maeck, Patrick Siegfried Zimmer, Robert Stadlober
Cast Robert Stadlober, Wieland Schönfelder, Blixa Bargeld, Paula Kalenberg, Matthias Scheuring, Dirk von Lowtzow a.o.
Camera Marius von Felbert, Julia Lohmann
Script Patrick Siegfried Zimmer
Editing Habiba Laout

Hessian premiere