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Anne Clark – I ́ll Walk Out Into Tomorrow

Claus Withopf

Does anyone remember the New Wave classics “Our Darkness” and “Sleeper in Metropolis”? The dark synthesizer-sounds are what made the Spoken Word musician Anne Clark a pioneer of Techno in the 1980’s. Big tours and sold-out concerts brought her new sound to a wide audience. But when her manager, as well as record company turned out to be ruthless exploiters, Anne Clark vanished from the music scene and invented herself anew in the quiet loneliness of Norway. Director Claus Withopf followed the artist for almost a decade, documented her work on a new studio album and portrayed a musical rebel moving on her own sound-track away from the commercial mainstream. Together, they embark on a journey to find the musical roots of this exceptional artist. 

Claus Withopf studied film at the University of Art and Design Offenbach. He teaches film and Video in the field of media since 2007 and conducts the university’s Video Lab. In 2009, he already filmed “Anne Clark Live”, a live concert recording at the “Frankfurter Hof” in Mainz. 

“An unmissable hommage to a musical poet whose style is unmistakable.” (Hamburger Morgenpost) 

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Direction Claus Withopf
Year D 2017
Duration 81 min
Language English language, German subtitles
Production Gerd Haag, Mike Beilfuss, Torsten Frehse, Claus Withopf
Camera Nina Werth, Daniel Meinl, Claus Withopf
Script Claus Withopf
Editing Christopher Tworuschka, Claus Withopf
Sound Michel Klöfkorn, Johannes Grehl, Hagen Röhrig

Presented by:

Regional Feature Film Program