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M.A. Littler

*MUSIC:* Digger Barnes, Alain Croubalian, Friedrich Paravicini *_In the presence of director M.A. Littler_* Haig never asked where he came from. But the recent death of his father made him think again about this question. In search of himself, he traces the history of his family who was expelled from Armenia in 1915. Not an easy task because he was told very little about it. The few records of the events are fragmentary and he only makes piecemeal progress. And, he repeatedly asks himself what the origin of a person can say about him at all. *_Armenia_* uses its calm recordings, wonderful soundtrack and well-played monologues to blur the boundaries of film, literature and history. The result of the Frankfurter filmmaker *M.A. LITTLER* is a melancholic masterpiece about a wanderer without a home and without a destination.

_"Between the history of the real Armenia and the dream, evoking concepts such as origin, home and arrival, M.A. Littler's essayistic fantasy of Armenia-the film of a journey back, geographically and temporally, a stream of consciousness and a game with reality, dream, idea and thought. [...] Selected camera positions, atmospheric lighting, and symbolic detailed observations: Director M. A. Littler and his DOP-man Philip Koepsell create a visually outstanding world"_ - kino-zeit.de

29 March 2017

17:30 h,

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Direction M.A. Littler
Year D/F/ARM 2016
Duration 84 min
Production Mirko Belbez
Cast Alain Croubalian u. a.
Camera Philip Koepsell
Script M.A. Littler
Editing Philip Koepsell, M.A. Littler

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