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David Nawrath

In presence of the director David Nawrath, the actor Rainer Bock and hteproducers Hans-Christian Schmid & Britta Knöller.

+ Following Film - Talk with David Nawrath (Director), Conny Petzold (MIETER HELFEN MIETERN e.V.) and Beate Huf (office manager Stadtplanungsdezernat), Host: Corinna Budras (F.A.Z.)

Rent terminations in the north of Frankfurt: Anyone who won’t move out in time will face evictions. The owners of an apartment building on Schwarzburgstraße have their eyes on one last tenant who is not caving to their ruthless machinations. As mover Walter shows up with his team, he believes the young tenant and father to be his long-lost son Walter left as a child. Suddenly, guilty conscience gets the better of him. He gently tries to get closer to Jan and his family. But there is no time, because Jan is in danger. And only Walter can protect him from the real estate mafia.

In his feature film debut, director David Nawrath tells a story of father and son that solidifies into an exciting thriller in the wake of gentrification and criminal property schemes.

Among other places, Atlas was filmed in the wintery Bahnhofsviertel (central station area) and Nordend (north) of Frankfurt. HessenFilm Invest contributed 325.000 Euro to the film. It received the rating

‘besonders wertvoll’ (especially valuable) and was nominated for the Hessischer Filmpreis 2018. David Nawrath and co-author Paul Salisbury received the Emdener Drehbuchpreis for the screenplay. Currently, the film is on the shortlist for the Deutscher Filmpreis 2019. The Film Festival Turin honoured Rainer Bock with the award for Best Lead Actor last year.

Film Talk: Fighting for living space

FRI 29th of March / Harmonie / 8 PM

Professional eviction-companies and criminal methods – things that happen in David Nawrath's filmic debut, the thriller Atlas, is already part of Frankfurt's everyday reality. Or is it not? One thing is for sure: the struggle to find affordable living space and tremendously exploding land prices will be the focus of political agendas over the next years – but there are some powerful opponents at work. Does the fight for living space endanger democracy? And how can democratic resistance attract attention?

Discussion with: David Nawrath (director), Beate Huf (office manager for city planning) and Corinna Budras (F.A.Z.)

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Direction David Nawrath
Country Germany
Year D 2018
Duration 100 min
Language German Original
Production Britta Knöller, Hans-Christian Schmid
Cast Rainer Bock, Albrecht Schuch, Thorsten Merten, Uwe Preuss, Roman Kanonik, Nina Gummich u.a.
Camera Tobias von dem Borne
Script David Nawrath, Paul Salisbury
Editing Stefan Oliveira-Pita
Sound Magnus Pflüger
Music Enis Rotthoff

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Hessian premiere

Regional Feature Film Program