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Katharina Uhland

At 26, Johanna is diagnosed with bone cancer. A shock, of course, not only for her but also for her friends and family. For one year, the prospect of chemotherapy plus radiation for her and her family. How to endure this? The answer of her sister Katharina is: _"I take a camera and hold it tightly."_ The camera is a documenting companion and shield at the same time. Nevertheless, it is hard for Katharina to ask her sister certain questions. At the hospital she meets Nadine, also ill with bone cancer, and her little son Bendix. For Katherina the opportunity to face her own fears through dialog and through it better understand her sister. With *_AUF EINER SKALA VON 1 –10_* Darmstadt director debutante *KATHARINA UHLAND* succeeds to create wonderfully quiet film, at times melancholically but also often surprisingly humorously questions the effects of a cancer diagnosis for both the patients and the relatives. *KATHARINA UHLAND* studied drama at the *OTTO-FALCKENBERG-SCHULE, MUNICH*. Since 2005, she appears in the theater and in film productions. *_AUF EINER SKALA VON 1 –10_* is her first production, which was shot largely in Frankfurt and supported by the *HESSISCHE FILMFÖRDERUNG*. *IN THE PRESENCE OF PRODUCER EVA LOUISE VOLKMANN AND PROTAGONIST JOHANNA UHLAND.* _About the movie title: At the hospital, patients are asked to try to describe their level of pain on a scale of 1 to 10._

30 March 2016

20:00 h, Mal Seh'n Kino

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Direction Katharina Uhland
Year D 2015
Duration 76 min
Language German OV with English subtitles
Production Eva-Luise Volkmann, Katharina Uhland, Blende 39
Cast Johanna Uhland, Nadine Friedrich, Sabine Ott-Uhland, u.a.
Camera Katharina Uhland
Script Katharina Uhland