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Pål Sletaune

Anna and her eight-year-old son have been moved to a flat on the outskirts of Oslo by social services. In order to protect them against Anna’s violent husband, nobody may know their whereabouts or their real identity. The young mother’s protective instinct gradually takes on more and more grotesque forms. She buys a baby phone to monitor her son’s bedroom and due to a faulty setting, she accidentally overhears scenes of domestic violence in her neighbour’s flat. Over time, new and controversial characters enter the life of the small family. Nothing appears to be safe anymore and director Sletaune (Next Door) takes the audience into a thrilling and confusing state between reality and delusion. Parts of the film was shot in the Rhine-Main area. For this film, Noomi Rapace was nominated as best actress in Rome. "Website of the film":http://www.babycall-derfilm.de/. _Hesse Premiere. Featuring director Karl Baumgartner und team members._
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Direction Pål Sletaune
Year NO/D/SE 2011
Duration 96 min
Production Turid Øversveen, Karl Baumgartner
Cast Noomi Rapace, Kristoffer Joner
Camera John Andreas Andersen
Script Pål Sletaune

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