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Back to the Square

Petr Lom

How do we recognise a revolution? When does it start, when does it end and how can we judge its outcome? Petr Lom in “Back to the Square“ does not document the happenings on the Tahrir Square itself, but lays his focus on the fate of people who protested there. In five stunning portraits, he depicts a country that is still far from having reorganised its political and social issues. The outcome of his documentary is not euphoric because problems in the country have accumulated and consolidated themselves in the one year since Mubarak was overthrown. However, his protagonists manage to illustrate at the same time the extent to which the courage and confidence of the people of Egypt have improved. _Deutschlandpremiere_

28 March 2012

20:00 h,

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Direction Petr Lom
Year NO/CA 2011
Duration 83 min
Language Arabic original with Engl. subtitles
Production Torstein Grude
Camera Petr Lom
Script Petr Lom, Torstein Grude

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