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Bis ans Ende der Nacht

Bis ans Ende der Nacht

Christoph Hochhäusler

Robert works as an undercover investigator and is supposed to bust a major Frankfurt dealer: Viktor is a club owner and runs a successful website which he uses to sell drugs on a grand scale. To establish contact with him, Robert fakes a relationship with Leni, a trans* woman, who knows the criminal from her past before her transition. But the feigned romantic involvement turns complicated: Robert is not sure of his feelings, the lines between reality and investigation strategy blur. For Leni, things are clearer: If the mission fails, she will have to go back to the men’s prison.

Hochhäusler stages a gritty crime with a tight plot and plays with genre elements. The focus is on the tension-filled chemistry of the undercover duo and an impressive antagonist. Till the End of the Night surprises with its dynamic cinematography and a high-contrast nostalgic heartbreak soundtrack.

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Direction Christoph Hochhäusler
Country Germany
Year 2023
Duration 123 min
Language German
Production Bettina Brokemper
Cast Timocin Ziegler, Thea Ehre, Michael Sideris, Ioana Iacob, Rosa Enskat, Aenne Schwarz, Gottfried Breitfuß, Sahin Eryilmaz, Ronald Kukulies
Camera Reinhold Vorschneider
Script Florian Plumeyer
Editing Reinhold Vorschneider
Sound Jörg Kidrowski

Berlinale 2023: Silver Bear for Best Acting Performance in a Supporting Role

OPENING FILM - In the presence of the director Christoph Hochhäusler, the producer Bettina Brokemper and the actor Michael Sideris

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