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Black China

Inigo Westmeier

Guangzhou, China. Since the 1990s, this metropolis of millions attracts immigrants from various African countries – today, it is one of the cities in China with the highest population density of African immigrants. In this film, some of these people get to tell their stories: Who are they? Why did they leave their home country and what made them decide on this city specifically?

Black China gives insights into the life of the African immigrants in China. They report on their life, their work and their dreams, but also on difficulties and the racism that they encounter. The immigrants’ stories are as diverse as they themselves, but what unites them is their pursuit of their very own “Chinese Dream”. What does this dream look like today? 

The film by award-winning director Inigo Westmeier was supported financially by HessenFilm und Medien.

24 April 2020

20:00 h,

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Direction Inigo Westmeier
Year D 2018
Duration 69 min
Language OmeU
Production Lena Karbe; co-production with Tellux Next/Karbe Film/ZDF/Arte/ABC Studio
Camera Roman Lipah
Script Tristan Coloma, Inigo Westmeier
Editing Benjamin Quabeck
Sound Clemens Becker
Music Philip "Lee Buddha" Stegers

In the presence of the director & producer. [triggerwarning: Racism]

Regional Feature Film Program