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Dolores Fonzi

The young mother Blondi and her teenage son Mirko share an extraordinary relationship. They are like best friends, sharing joints and their circle of friends, and enjoying their time at concerts. But as Mirko slowly begins to consider his own future, the two suddenly find themselves on a road trip to retrieve Blondi's sister, who has disappeared into a commune.

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Direction Dolores Fonzi
Country Argentinia, Spain, USA
Year 2023
Duration 87 min
Language Spanish with English subtitles
Production Santiago Carabante, Fernanda Del Nido, Dolores Fonzi, Mark Johnson, Agustina Llambi-Campbell, Santiago Mitre, Tom Williams
Cast Dolores Fonzi, Toto Rovito, Carla Peterson, Rita Cortese, Leonardo Sbaraglia
Camera Javier Julia
Script Dolores Fonzi, Laura Paredes
Editing Andrés Pepe Estrada, Susana Leunda
Music Pedro Osuna

San Sebastián International Film Festival, Filmfest München

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About the director

Dolores Fonzi is an Argentinian actress, screenwriter and filmmaker from Buenos Aires. She kicked off her acting career with 17 and quickly rose to recognition through her work in TV and film. Her most noteworthy films include The Aura (2005) and especially Paulina (2015), for which she won many important Ibero-American film awards. Blondi marks her debut as a director and was nominated in three categories for this years' upcoming Platino-Awards.

Press reviews

„Fonzi makes her debut with a film brimming with life, with hilarious dialogue [...] and a dedicated cast that harmonises beautifully. And making the film a party, the soundtrack includes great songs by The Velvet Underground & Nico, some snippets of concerts by bands and the long-awaited moment of shared listening to a hit [...] by Blondie, the legendary band of Debbie Harry, which at some points in the film you could confuse for Dolores Fonzi herself.“ (Alfonso Rivera, Cineuropa)

The director about the film

„[…] one day the script was ready; then my partner and producer Santiago Mitre said, “Now we have to make it, because scripts are there to be filmed.” One thing led to another and we got more and more into it: that’s how it came about and I no longer had a choice. now that I've done it, I enjoyed it so much that all I can think about is directing again soon.“ Dolores Fonzi in an interview with Cineuropa


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