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Doris Dörrie

The nuclear catastrophe in Fukushima and its consequences: abandoned exclusion zones in a ruined landscape and the radioactive contamination of the Pacific Ocean off the East coast of Japan – Doris Dörrie deals in her award-winning film with the previously unresolved problem of nuclear power in a globalised world. Five years after the nuclear catastrophe, the exceptional German director traveled to an area to which no other film production team has previously dared to ventured - with Geiger counter and camera equipment. *_"GREETINGS FROM FUKUSHIMA"_* is about the young Marie (*ROSALIE THOMASS*) who travels to the Fukushima Prefecture for the organization Clowns4Help escaping her shattered life-dreams and the loss of her great love. Together with the clown Moshe (*MOSHE COHEN*), she wants to bring some joy to the surviving victims of the triple disaster of 2011, who still live in emergency accommodations (the so-called Temporary Housing Communities) years later. When this fails and she meets an old woman who wants to rebuild her house, Marie recognises the place where she can really help. *MUSIC: ULRIKE HAAGE* "IN AN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW, WE SPOKE WITH DORIS DÖRRIE ABOUT GRÜSSE AUS FUKUSHIMA":http://www.lichter-filmfest.de/en/home/news.html?news_id=445 _"The film convinces as a cinematic essay about the art of facing life and the rough beauty of the death zone of Fukushima stands for fragility of existence in general."_ NDR Kulturjournal _"GRÜSSE AUS FUKUSHIMA is about loss, home, pain, and last but not least, about the question of whether we help others in order to feel better ourselves. Important, up-to-date topics that Doris Dörrie tackles. She does so in black and white and very poetically."_ MISSY Magazine

*We are going to present the movie as a carte blanche in presence of Doris Dörrie. The artist talk will be hosted by Rudolf Worschesch (editor-in-chief of epd film).*

29 March 2017

19:15 h,

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Direction Doris Dörrie
Year D2016
Duration 104 min
Language English/Japanese with German subtitles
Production Harry Kügler, Molly von Fürstenberg
Cast Rosalie Thomass, Kaori Momoi, Moshe Cohen, Nami Kamata et al.
Camera Hanno Lentz
Script Doris Dörrie
Editing Frank Müller

Presented by:

Future German Cinema