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Casa Grande or the Ballad of poor Jean

Fellipe Gamarano Barbosa

The first shot – an enthralling total – reveals the setting to us: The big house, la casa grande. The villa in which Jean lives, lies within the rich people´s ghetto within Rio de Janeiro, protected from the rest of the population. When the financial situation of his family alters drastically, his life changes – through the windows of the public bus the boy gets a different perspective of the world than from out of one of his father four private cars. While the family maneuvers itself into the dead end of it's own hypocrisy, Jean experiences kindness from an unexpected direction. This empathetic and terrifically acted (despite being partly performed by laymen) coming-of-age story reveals to us a very different Brazil. Seemingly casually, discourses about racism and class, colonial history and inequality are being touched upon through the stance of a privileged white youth. A very sensitively observant first film. _“A well-made feature debut, which appeals with an understanding of Brazilian cinema beyond the favelas. Casa Grande is full of nicely observed vignettes that act as signifiers of caste, with a strong ensemble cast whose interplay captures the hierarchy of master and servant.”_ (Jay Weissberg, Variety) _*In attendance of author Karen Sztajnberg.*_

19 March 2015

18:00 h,

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Direction Fellipe Gamarano Barbosa
Year Brasilia 2014
Duration 114 min
Language OmeU
Production Iafa Britz
Cast Thales Cavalcanti, Marcello Novaes, Suzana Pires, Alice Melo, Bruna Amaya, Clarissa Pinheiro
Camera Pedro Sotero
Script Fellipe Barbosa, Karen Sztajnberg
Editing Karen Sztajnberg, Nina Galanternick

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