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Charlotte Simon. Polissons et Galipettes

Charlotte Simon. Polissons Et Galipettes

anonym, Kompilation: Michel Reilhac

Michel Reilhacs compilation Polissons et Galipettes combines 12 erotic short films from anonymous directors ranging from 1905 to 1930. The compilation, which was released in 2002, is a charming and informative contemporary document of pornography. Typical porn protagonists, like nuns, musketeers and teachers, are encountered, who meet the voyeuristic camera with quite a natural naiveté.

Charlotte Simon is a Frankfurt-based artist and musician, part of the duo LES TRUCS and co-operator of the label MMODEMM. In her sound-performance, she changes the appearance of the film collage using electronic instruments, samples, piano and her voice. She is going to play with the combination of classical as well as contemporary sounds and the historic material and thus alter and redefine the typically casual porn music.

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Direction anonym, Kompilation: Michel Reilhac
Year F 2002
Duration 75 min
Editing Oliver Lupczynsky
Music Eric Le Guen