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Children of the MIst

Children of the Mist

Diem Ha Le

In the misty mountains of North Vietnam, young Di lives a life between tradition and modernity. She is part of the Hmong ethnic group, who have their own language and way of life – and who still practice bride kidnapping, which is forbidden in Vietnam. When a girl is kidnapped for this purpose, negotiations about the bride price begin between the two families. That is also what happened for Di’s mother and her sister La. At the same time, Di lives in a world where teenagers clarify their relationship status via social media. When the Lunar New Year celebrations begin, the 14-year-old's unselfconscious attempts to flirt quickly turn bitterly serious. Director Diem Ha Le accompanied Di’s family for three years and developed a deep friendship with the girl.

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Direction Diem Ha Le
Country Vietnam
Year 2021
Duration 92 min
Language Original with English Subtitles
Production Phuong Thao Tran, Swann Dubus
Camera Diem Ha Le
Script Diem Ha Le
Editing Swann Dubu

International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam - Best Directing

About the director

Diem Ha Le was born in 1991 and studied journalism at Hanoi University. For her debut film, she lived with Di’s family for over three years, even though she did not understand a word of the Hmong language. She herself had experienced girls being married off very young in her childhood. Children of the Mist is both a portrait of a strong-minded young woman and a critique of the brutal tradition of bride kidnapping. 

Ha Le won the Best Directing Award at the International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam for her impressive debut film.

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