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Citizen Animal – A small family’s quest for animals‘ rights

Oliver Kyr

It’s just an animal! Is this explanation enough when a living creature is robbed off its will, its freedom and life? Why does man subordinate animals and decide over their whole beings? By giving the defenceless creatures a voice, Oliver Kyr plunges the hierarchy of man and animal into chaos on this journey through Europe. From both ethical and legal points of view, he scrutinizes the handling of animals in their name and raises questions about the value of animal life and the complete lack of “civil rights”. Animal rights activists such as Edmund Haferbeck (PETA) and animal rights lawyer Antione F. Goetschel give answers to these questions. Kyr visits the Spanish community Pedro Pérez Espinosa, a pioneering example for a better, equal coexistence of man and animal in one neighbourhood.  

Citizen Animal is related to Hesse and the Rhine Main region in a multitude of ways. The film was distributed by JIP Film und Verleih from Frankfurt under the supervision of Jutta Feit and Julia Irene Peters. Many of the featured Interviews and footage were shot in Frankfurt and its surroundings: in Wallau at the “Veggie World” fair or in Frankfurt with the “Animal Angels”. The co-producer Kay Metzroth and his foundation “Life for Nature” are based in the Hessian town of Trebur. 

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Direction Oliver Kyr
Year D 2017
Duration 95 min
Language German/English with German subtitles
Production The Pegasus Family, Robert Franz, Production: Robert Franz Naturversand
Camera Oliver Kyr
Script Oliver Kyr
Editing The Pegasus Family
Sound Jürgen Schulz
Music Jürgen Schulz

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German premiere