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Sara Fattahi

A dark apartment in Damascus, three women from three generations of one family and an attentive camera, the meticulous and incisive gaze recording daily events for many years. *Sara Fattahi* films the other side of the Syrian civil war, the private – whilst in front of the lowered blinds their home disappears. The political reality penetrates the intimacy of family life only in bits and pieces, through emails, messages and stories. At the end it becomes obvious that the boundary between inside and outside, the self-reliance of the family, can no longer be maintained in the face of the war. Resulting from this family portrait – and without actually showing any violence – is an impressive representation of a society that decomposes little by little under the pressure of the civil war. *Music*: Raed Younan*

2 April 2016

17:30 h,

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Direction Sara Fattahi
Year SY/LB 2015
Duration 98 min
Language Arab. OV with Engl. subtitles
Production Sara Fattahi
Camera Sara Fattahi, Leen Fattahi
Editing Raya Yamisha

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