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Cómprame un Revólver (Buy Me a Gun)

Julio Hernández Cordón

In a dystopian “Mad Max”-like version of Mexico, nine-year-old Huck is being hidden by her father. This is necessary as a Mafia organisation that rules ruthlessly in this apocalyptic spirit world is in the habit of hunting on women, of whom there aren ́t many left. Huck ́s father, who lives in dependence on the fancies of Capo due to his drug addiction, has already lost his older daughter and his wife through them. In secret, Huck keeps meeting up with a couple of clandestine kids of her age who are also hidden in this barren neighbourhood. Together they try to save this harmfully imbalanced environment. It quickly becomes apparent that Huck is meant to be a heroine – she is not named after a character of a Mark Twain story for no reason. This Mad-Twain genre film has been orchestrated magnificently despite a low budget. One of our favourites!

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Direction Julio Hernández Cordón
Year MEX, COL 2018
Duration 84 min
Language Original with English subtitles
Production Julio Hernández Cordón, Rafael Ley, María José Córdova, Produktionsfirma: Woo Films
Cast Matilde Hernández Guinea, Rogelio Sosa, Sostenes Rojas, Wallace Pereyda, Ángel Leonel Corral, ÁngelRafael Yanez, Mariano Sosa, Jhoan Martínez
Camera Nicolás Wong
Script Julio Hernández Cordón
Editing Lenz Mauricio Claure
Sound José Rommel
Music Alberto Torres

Hesse Premiere