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Der 1. April 2016

Jan Philipp Stange

*Venue: Naxoshalle // Waldschmidstr. 19, 60314 Frankfurt* A day is over when the Tagesschau [German daily news show], the oldest and most popular soap of German TV, starts at 8 PM. Every day, it joins nearly 10 million fans in front of the TV set and informs them about faraway places while simultaneously conveying a feeling of home. At the same time, the video-techno operas *Der 1.April 2016* and *Der 2.April 2016* start. They stage the events of the day mirroring the news show. The Tagesschau turns into a Tages-Show [a show of the day] when performed live. As a theater, it takes leave from its truth claim and, possibly just for this reason, it shows its true face. Hereby, the day of a single person is correlated with world events. One person against the world population. One city in the world. And at the end the weather.

*Director*: Jan Philipp Stange *Production*: Julia Straßer *Music*: Charlotte Simon, Benjamin Bascom *Voice*: Jonathan Penca *Dramatic Composition*: Heiko Stubenrauch *Video*: Jakob Engel *Sport*: Gal Fefferman, Orla McCarthy *Stage*: Josephine Hans, Nils Wildegans *Transcription*: Werner Schneider

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1 April 2016

19:45 h,

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Direction Jan Philipp Stange
Year D 2016
Duration 75 min
Camera Daniel Deegest

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