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Tobias Lenel

*SOUND:* Marcel Behrens *_FOLLOWING TALK IN PRESENCE OF THE FILMTEAM_* What is it about? This is exactly what the film is trying to figure out: In different episodes, two musicians, a stewardess, a baker and a greengrocer couple talk about a special day at the Galluswarte. In the course of this we hear about cocaine, change for a fifty Euro note, a tragic accident and, of course, an angel. *DER ENGEL VOM GALLUS* is a film about storytelling, a mosaic of different perspectives, which in their totality celebrate the wonderful and fantastic of everyday life. Together with actors of the *HOCHSCHULE FÜR MUSIK UND DARSTELLENDE KUNST (HFMDK)*, the imaginative ensemble film was created under the auspice of director *TOBIAS LENEL*.

2 April 2017

14:30 h,

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Direction Tobias Lenel
Year D 2016
Duration 52 min
Language German OV
Cast Johanna Miller, Julian von Hansemann, Hans-Christian Hegewald, Sophia Hahn et al.
Camera Lukas Majka, Richard Marx
Editing Lukas Majka