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Der Erzähler. Nach Walter Benjamin + Talk

Nathaniel Knop

*MUSIC:* Ketevan Scheipner *_German premiere_* "Whoever can not tell his story does not exist." (Salman Rushdie) In his essay THE STORYTELLER, the philosopher *WALTER BENJAMIN* lamented the disappearance of the storytelling. Benjamin's essay from 1936 is the starting point for director *NATHANIEL KNOP*, to ask about today's forms of storytelling and thus about comprehension. He finds answers in the arts, for example, in political activism or with Peter Eisenman, the architect of the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin. Knop also lets a walrus hunter talk, who immortalises his stories on the tusks of his prey. *_DER ERZÄHLER. NACH WALTER BENJAMIN_* leads us on an exciting journey from Europe to the USA, from India to Russia. Frankfurt also becomes part of the narrative. Supported by _HESSEN FILM UND MEDIEN_, *NATHANIEL KNOP* portrays a philosophy of storytelling and provides a fascinating insight into a world full of hidden stories. h2. TALK ACCOMPANYING THE FILM Following the screening of the film *_DER ERZÄHLER. NACH WALTER BENJAMIN_*, *FABRICE MAZLIAH* (choreographer and dancer), *JOHN SKOOG* (artist and film director) and the director of the film *NATHANIEL KNOP* join in a conversation, which will be hosted by *SONIA KNOP*. In discussion, questions regarding "storytelling today" are being negotiated. How do the characteristics of narrative as described by Benjamin, experience, presence, death, manifest? What kind of relationship does it have vis-à-vis alternative facts? _Every morning teaches us about the news of the earth. And yet, we are impoverished in terms of bizarre stories._ Walter Benjamin, The Narrator, 1936.

1 April 2017

15:30 h,

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Direction Nathaniel Knop
Year D 2016
Duration 60 min
Language multilingual oringinal with German subtitles
Production Anatoli Skatchkov
Cast Peter Eisenman, Simon Starling, Özge Açikkol, Seçil Yersel, Boris Girgiroskyn et al.
Camera Peter Rippl, Nikita Khokhlov
Editing Anatoli Skatchkov