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LFFI18_Extra Regional_Herbst des Untergrunds

Der Herbst des Untergrunds

Jos Diegel

Montage: Jos Diegel
Dramaturgy: Jannis Plastargias, Malte Füllgrabe, 
Sound: Michael Torunsky (ms music Tonstudio)

Film talk with Daniel Brettschneider (cinema maker, film curator, author and Offenbacher)

In 2013 the artist and filmmaker Jos Diegel, with his 16mm film camera, becomes a noisy archivist of the temporary exhibition hall “Artspace Rhein Main“ in the port area of a city named Offenbach. Almost five years later, the artist finds himself in a series of contradictions. The experimental documentary on analogue film footage, as psycho-geographic document of creative city development and contemporary cultural landscape, shows the situation of a city’s societal and cultural upheaval.  

Der Herbst des Untergrunds is probably the first film project in history whose protagonist is a director who wanted to make a movie, but who did not succeed in making everyone else believe that they were part of something big.  

Marked excellent by "kulturMut" - Crowdfunding-initiative of Aventis Foundation and Kulturfonds Frankfurt RheinMain and supported by StartNext Crowdfunding.

Since his graduation at the HfG Jos Diegel lives in Offenbach and Berlin.  

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Direction Jos Diegel
Year D 2018
Duration 29 min
Language German OV
Production JOS2018, Stadtwerke Holding Offenbach, Kunst Raum Mato e.V.
Cast Jannis Plastargias, Clarissa Seidel, Jos Diegel, Anja Czioska, u.v.a.
Camera Jos Diegel, David Sarno, Clarissa Seidel

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World premiere with champagne reception